Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Built a cairn

Twenty two below this morning, and calm and cold all day, clear overhead but frosty around the horizon. The Capt. with his men 14 I think came in tonight from hauling the provisions up to Cape Columbia. He said the snow was very deep and they had a gale of wind most every day. They went up to Clements Markham Inlet, and got all the meat the Com. left there from the 15 musk oxen he shot. McMillan was down to Cape Rawson today he said he built a cairn almost as large as the one the English built here. The Com. said the first thing they saw when we came around Cape Rawson was the cairn I built when we were here before. He didnt see it when he came back from the western trip before for he was onshore and it sets back so it can only be seen from the water and he didnt know what it was. I havent been up to mine yet, McMillan said he was going up and get our paper that the Second and I left our names on and put in a copy with his on it and in the spring, if I get a chance I will put in another one with the date of this trip.


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