Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

It is all night now

A very cold day. 26º below this morning and the air still full of frost or snow. It was 21º below last night at 9 oclock, it is all night now only we eat in what we call the daytime, and work a little also. The Second and I have been making small cookers for the small kerosene stoves, and the stoves will fit inside of them for camp use, and it makes them compact. McMillan arrived with his two natives at 1. P.M. from Clements Markham Inlet where he had been surveying. They got 5 Musk oxen the first night they got there but the snow came that night and they didnt get a chance to go again, had all they could do to finish their work, he said the snow was very deep. The Capt. left a note at one of the Igloos, that they were not getting the provisions along as fast as he thought he would do it in 16 days but it is 19 tonight, and Mc. didnt think he would be in for 3 or 4 days more, just enough wind to cover the trail, and not enough to bank the snow down hard enough to hold one up on snowshoes.


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