Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I decide to make camp

Otah and Inugeeto go with us part way today. At the edge of the ice they encamp. Tomorrow they will range the hills for deer. Sledging along the ice foot is fairly good today as far as Cape Richardson. We reached here at 11-30. Oblooyah was obliged to reload his sledge, the rough ice had disarranged his whole load. When crossing Black Cliffs Bay I hear the rattle of a pemmican tin not far from land. Egingwah shouts “Inuits”. Sure enough too [sic] sledges are coming. Covered with snow and ice I fail to recognize the faces even after talking with them for some time. They prove to be Pooadloonah, another brother of Egingwah, and Siglu. Their tupik is back at Cape Belknap to which they will return tonight. We pick up their trail and they ours thus making it easier for both of us. Just after dark we reach their camping ground. Assured by the boys that we can easily make the ship from here tomorrow I decide to make camp. During the evening Siglu and Pooadloonah reached camp and came over for a chat and to learn a game or two of cards. Their dogs are in poor shape, still suffering from the effects of their Grant Land trip where a number died of starvation. One of Siglu’s died during the night.


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