Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A happy crowd!

The days are rapidly becoming shorter and darker so we start out before light. The going is something terrible, not a hard patch of snow during the day, and to make matters worse now and then we find water under the snow, the slush instantly freezes to our snow shoes and our feet are like lead. But we are doing our best to get to Porter Bay. As we approached the old camping spot I am surprised to see two black objects rush up on the hill. At first I think they must be musk-ox but Oblooyah instantly recognizes them for Inuits which later prove to be his brother Inugeeto and also the brother of Egingwah. They are here with a load of whale meat for the Captain’s party, also to hunt tookto and to break trail. The boys are very glad to get the news from the ship and to learn the results of the two hunting parties lately returned from Lake Hazen region. They inform us that Marvin’s party got 19 deer, Matt’s 8, but no musk ox much to Commander’s surprise. It has taken them three days from ship which means hard sledging for us. After supper they come in and play cards all the evening and smoke cigar – a happy crowd!

Tookto: tookto, also tukto, is the Inuit word for caribou. 


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