Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Kerosene stoves

7º above this morning at 7 oclock. Frost or snow fell all night and all day but it dont amount to much it is so light. Marvin arrived tonight. Left his men this morning to break the trail and found the snow pretty deep, he said it was the worst day’s travel he had seen since he had been gone. They got 19 Deer and had eaten and fed to the dogs the most of it, said he had one good load and told the natives not to give it to the dogs as he would send some whale meat out for them, and there is a man getting ready now to go with it and also some provisions for the men. He said he didn’t see a sign of a Musk ox, and a very few hare. We are still at work on kerosene stoves.


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