Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Matt came in alone

The promise of yesterday not fulfilled.
    The trip, during the night after dropping to -19°,  jumped back to 0° this morning + the day has been thick with a fine silt of snow. This evening it looks as if it might possibly be clear again tomorrow.
    About midnight Matt came in alone saying he had started ahead of his sledges in Black Cliffs Bay to break a trail + after waiting + waiting for them, had come in alone.
    His party has seen no M.O. + got only 8 deer. They have been out just 20 days. I started Ahngoologipsu out at once this morning with the broad runner sledge + 12 dogs to meet the men + assist them in.
    All got in about 4.-P.M. leaving a sledge + all their things this side of Williams I.
    Matt states no snow, much wind, + very low temps. in Hazen region.
    His failure to secure game will make it necessary for me to work the Feilden + Parry peninsula + C. Markham Inlet regions more thoroughly.
    Two months today since we left Etah, but it seems much longer.


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