Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I decided not to wait


When ready to break camp this morning I found the Captain had gone back after his men. This left me without the knowledge of Hamilton Bluff where I was to begin my survey of the Inlet. But I decided not to wait trusting that a view of it would decide it for me. From now on it was break trail continuously. Arriving at Hamilton Bluff I set up the transit and secured a number of sights both across and down the Inlet. Here I began my count of every step for practically eight miles, stepping about 2400 to the mile. Tonight we are encamped 6 ¼ miles in the Inlet at the base of an almost perpendicular cliff. A view from the door of our tupik would delight an artist or lover of nature. The western side of fiord outlined against a beautiful sky twinkling with numberless stars. The snowy tops, the sharp ridges, the shadowy ravines, and over all the half moon – I close the tent flap with reluctance.


Pictured above:
Clements Markham Inlet, Ellesmere Island, CAN, Surveying Clements Markham Inlet, Oct. 1908, ID: 3000.33.296.

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