Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

16 miles today

Fourteen sledges, 140 dogs left the Roosevelt this morning, two of the sledges to go with me to for the survey of Clements Markham Inlet and twelve with Capt. Bartlett to carry provisions to Cape Columbia. As I sat on the leading sledge and looked back at the trotting dogs, tails curved up over their backs, the Esquimaux snapping their long whips, sledge after sledge it was a most interesting moving picture, a novel sight and one long to be remembered. We arrived at Cape Richardson at quarter past three. Here twelve of the sledges added to their load from the provisions station. We left at 7 min past four. Arrived at Porter Bay at 9 min past 10 – a long day for our dogs and men. My pedometer says 16 miles today. At twelve o’clock tucked in my bear skin for the night.


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