Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Read Mrs. Hubbard's book

The Capt. and nine natives arrived at 5.30 P.M. Dr. and Borup are on the way. It is 7. P.M. now. The Capt party got 3 musk oxen while on the trip. It was 6º below this morning, went down to 14º below in the night. I have read Mrs. Hubbards book of her trip through Labrador today. It has been cloudy and frosty all day. I think the ice has crowded us over a little since yesterday. Every time we ground she lists over a little more and the heavy ice works under the outside. Last time we staid upright all winter. The Com. told me that he lanced 2 of those musk ox that they killed just as an experiment and to see if they would run out at him the same as they did the dog. They didnt bother him at all, but one of them chased a dog, and caught him ripped his hind legs open, and they had to leave him up there.

 Mrs. Hubbard: Wardwell is referring to Mina Hubbard, who documented her journey through the interior of Labrador in her book A Woman's Way Through Unknowable Labrador, 1908.

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