Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Last day to see the sun

This is the last day to see the sun from the ship. The moon is coming. Saw it for awhile last night after it set. We could see a light streak away across the sky in the south and another from the sun in the north The Com. with 3 natives arrived at noon today, they had killed 15 musk ox and a large bear, brought in the bear and one musk ox head and skin besides a lot of meat. He said the Capt.’s party had killed 4. musk ox so far while hauling the provisions to Cape Columbia. The women had another singing spell ashore last night. 6º above this morning. Not very cold yet, and not much snow. It is trying hard to snow but hasnt snowded [sic] yet, just a little frost falling all day. The women went to the traps today got a hare and a leming. A dog got in one of them the other night when McMillan went down that way with them. He took him out didnt hurt him much.


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