Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Air full of frost

The hunters came in tonight with a few hare, and brought in the old sledge that Mat. used last trip that was left up the coast apiece. I saw a pair of Musk ox horns on one sledge. I think they got them off of some old head that was left here before. We just had a little pressure that listed us over a little bit. It didn’t last long for we are pretty well protected by the bergs outside of us but it moved them in a little, the ice is very heavy that is running outside. It broke up the new ice on our starboard side. Borup and the Dr. with some Eskimos have gone to Cape Belknap today with a load of Provisions, expect they will be back tonight. 8º below this morning, and the air full of frost.


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