Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Completed the box house workshop

Another mild overcast day. Temp. in vicinity of +10°. Ships men completed the box house workshop + began another double house for Eskimos.
    About 3.- P.M., the advance guard of Marvin’s party come in reporting 14 deer killed just south of Porter Bay.
    By 7.- P.M. entire party was in with the skins + meat.
    The deer comprises two herds. One of 9, a fine large buck, 4 does + four fawns. The other of 5; a buck, 3 does + one fawn.
    All the fawns have spike horns in the velvet.
    Two other deer were seen. These as well as others will doubtless be gathered in by the 4 men remaining at Porter Bay.


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