Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Ice has been entirely quiet today

Another soft warm cloudy day, nearly calm, with fine drizzle of snow much of the time.
    Marvin, Dr., Borup, + 13 Esks, with 16 sledges got away after breakfast for C. Richardson with 56 cases of crew pemmican.  
    This is a net amount of 4032 lbs, + a gross of 5320# giving a gross load to each sledge of 332 1/2#.
    They are to go to C. Richardson today, sleep there, bring up the biscuit from C. Belknap tomorrow morning + come back to ship tomorrow afternoon.
    This will break the Dr. + Borup in gradually.
    Have had the women skin out the heads + clean the skins of the bear + three deer. The ice has been entirely quiet today.
    Several of the women were out today for a few hours to the small lake just beyond Sheridan trying for fish. Three or four small ones were obtained.


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