Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Snow too deep

A warm overcast day with fog in evening.
    Numbers of water holes to N.E. some miles away. Temp. rising to 20°.
    Completed work in the engine room skylight, making a room for Marvin + a storeroom.
    Matt also finishes new type of broad runner sledge. Wt. 105 lbs. which can be reduced in another one to at least 95#.
    Had a standard 50 day load put on it, + shall now do some experimenting.
    At supper time the two hunting parties came in, bringing in 3 deer, (a family, buck, doe + fawn) killed west of Black Cliffs Bay, 6 hare + 2 eider ducks. 21 hare in all were killed.
    Neither party has been far; the northern party having camped near the head of Black Cliffs Bay, + the other having made only one march into the interior towards Porter Bay.
    The interior party say that as soon as they got away from the shore they found the snow too deep + soft for travel, as there has been no wind here.
    They saw no tracks of either deer or muskoxen.
    The northern party saw no tracks of muskoxen. Their experience however is no criterion as they have covered but little ground, + that not a favorable region.


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