Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Everything onshore


Sixteen teams went to Cape Belknap today. Each took a load of 250 lbs of Hardbread mostly. Marvin Borup & the Dr. each drove a team, it has been fine but cool today. I took some pictures of the dog teams as they were lined up for the start. The ice is still running outside of us. We havnt had any pressure lately but expect it at any time, for the ice is very heavy with large blocks piled ontop of the floes. It has had some heavy pressure somewhere to heave it up in such ridges. The teams all got back about 7 oclock tonight. We have our work finished in the Engineroom. Got through with the last of it at 4.30 tonight. On Sept. the 16th the time we were here before we got a heavy pressure, and all hands worked until we got all the provisions of the ship. We have everything onshore now, and I hope we wont be disturbed this time.


Pictured above:
Greenland, Dog teams on the ice foot near Cape Hatherton, 1908-1909, ID: 3000.3.42.

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