Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Many rats on board

After showing Borup + the Dr. how to change the sheets on the Baro- + Thermo- graphs, we discovered that the Com. was having all the sail set on the Roosevelt to get some more photos. That changed the work he had planned for Borup and I so I did a few odds + ends + at 11 oclock I am in the room writing as the huskies have gone to dinner. The New Foundland people use the word spell in a funny way. Carrying timber from the ship to the shore would be “spelling boards”. Started the huskies going again just before dinner and then after dinner cleaned up the ice foot and the shore line again. Found four bags of rock salt left below high water mark and all the salt was gone. Borup and I broke out all the skins from the lazarette and stowed them inside of the sail cover which had just been put on the spanker. We have many rats on board this time, a thing we never had last time. We have got to get everything out of their reach that they are liable to eat. We just finished this at supper time. The Com. has much more clothing outfit than he had last time. Still he intends to send me into the field for a month without any foot gear except my on make of canvass boots. I can stand it all right. The last quarter of the moon was very bright all the evening. Dogs are divided into teams of ten each and the men are out exercising some tonight.


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