Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Tried to get some sewing done

Left off my fur clothing today expecting to remain indoors. The sun was shining bright with prospects of a lovely day, nearly calm, and very few clouds. After breakfast Borup + the Captain went hunting, then the Dr. + his husky went in the opposite direction. While the Captain was away I filled the room with seamstresses and tried to get some sewing done even if it was Sunday. After dinner the Chief + I went ashore to get some pictures of the ship as the flags were all up again today. Took several views of the dogs + cases ashore. Got a pair of canvass boots and a pair of stockings made today. MacMillan is still laid up but was out a little while this afternoon. Captain + Borup returned early, the Captain having strained his knee cap falling on a sharp stone. Seven oclock + the Dr. is in sight, he had fired, since he came into view. Com. gave Borup + I a job to keep us busy tomorrow. Dr. arrived about seven oclock. His husky shot one rabbit after they were back in sight of the ship, weight 10 lbs. Had it skinned and dressed, also started Innwahu in at making a shirt for Borup out of a piece of felt he brought along for photography. Chief expects to get through tomorrow so they can lay the floor in the engine room hatchway.


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