Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Marie's Birthday


Marie’s birthday. The dear girl is 15 today, + she + her Mother + “Mister Man” are thinking of us today.
    Ten yrs. ago today we celebrated her 5th birthday on the Windward.
    The weather is the same as for the last two days, a continuance of the n-w-ly storm.
    Just after breakfast the Eskimos came in with the bear, a female yearling, 6ft long, which I had skinned + cut up.
    Shall try + have it mounted for Marie’s birthday bear. (mount standing + advancing, one paw extended as if to “shake”, the other raised?, the head on one side, + a smile on the face.)
    Captain “Bob” had the ship dressed in the flags today, + the bright colors of the bunting made a striking contrast to the driving storm.
    Charlie baked cakes last night, which we had at supper tonight with our bearsteak, + the accompaniments of tablecloth, cups + saucer, new spoons etc.
    There were also 15 blazing candles.
    All the smokers aft got a half pound box of North Pole tobacco and all the drinkers a pull of whisky. The men forward got a glass of hot grog + a package of North Pole tobacco; each of the Eskimo men got a half pound box of tobacco, + each of the women a hands full of candy.

The Windward was the ship that Commander Peary used when he explored Northwest Greenland in the 1890's.


Pictured above:
Cape Sheridan, Ellesmere Island, CAN, Marie's Birthday - S.S. Roosevelt Dressed, Sept. 12, 1908, ID: 3000.33.274.

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