Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We all laughed

Turned out at the usual hour + the Dr. + I took the temperature again. A strong northerly wind and a heavy frost almost like falling snow. After breakfast the Captain and his crew (?) the ship into her permanent berth for the winter. Went out for my usual morning trip but it was raw + cold so did not stay out long, gathered in some supplies to make my kitchen box and worked around inside all the morning. After dinner I am waiting for Borup to bring up some sheepskins for the natives and then I will give them out. In the meantime I am writing a little for the first time since we reached Cape Sheridan. Borup was telling the Com. how strong one of the little girls was + he made us all laugh. Opened a letter today which counted a dozen stars.
    At the supper table Borup started to tell how strong Bill was and the Com. interrupted him to ask if he was going the rounds with all the women trying their strength. The laugh was on Borup, especially to those of us who have been up here before. Spent most of the afternoon in straightening out the 30 odd sheepskin and in getting all the sewing started. The Dr. has had some trouble this afternoon in getting his blanket shirt repaired. He made a bargain with the woman’s husband + then backed down. We all laughed.


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