Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Finishing the whale meat

The Commander spoke about finishing the whale meat yesterday but we only made a fair beginning. Started at it fresh this morning + by keeping two or three sledges going most of the day have made a good job of it. The coal bags already slimy with the whale meat, was [sic] used to build a wall ashore and the whale meat piled inside of it. We laid out the wall but we pulled that and another one early as large before we finished one days work. The Captain put the hose on the deck the last thing but it only took off the worse of the grease and dirt. There is still plenty of coal on the deck. I did not have Borup + the Doctor today I guess the work was too dirty for them. MacMillan is still laid up, poor fellow. If he stays in bed has hardly any fever + gets restless to be about. If he gets up he gets a little fever in the evening and the Doctor puts him to bed again. Dennis Murphy one of the sailors is laid up in about the same way. It seems to me a good deal like typhoid fever. The Doctor is non-committal so I guess it is something worse than ordinary grip.


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