Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Fixed up for winter

Mr. Marvin got all the cartridges but I guess they will have to be washed with fresh water and greased. We got a little pressure last night but didnt hurt us any. It rolled the ship over a little but she came back again and we got inside of the berg this morning at 6 oclock, one boiler was leaking and had to blow it off so I guess that lightened her just enough to get in. They are taking the Whale meat ashore, and the Eskimo women are cleaning their forecastle and I guess it needed it by the looks of the stuff they are draging [sic] out. The boiler leaked on the top seam of the combustion chamber (port boiler) and the other one is leaking in the back somewhere, cant see it yet. The Com. told me today we could lay her up now any time, and are at work on the boiler and Engineroom today. Will try to get the deck Engine fixed up for winter tomorrow.


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