Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

15 mins. later

The wind continuing with force from the south, the ice began to slack off a little behind us at 3.A.M. + gradually extended in-ward.
    At 6. – A.M. got under way, forced through a narrow barrier at the delta ahead of us, + then in a strip of ice free inshore water steamed uninterrupted to Sheridan which was passed at 7.15 A.M. (15 mins. later than when we arrived 3 yrs. ago).
    The water extended some 2 miles beyond Sheridan + we steamed to the end, + there being no immediate prospect of getting to Porter Bay as I had hoped, I decided for Sheridan again, + the work of getting the ship inside the tide crack was begun.
    The place selected is nearer the river than before.
    The water a little shoaler than I had hoped,  + the grounding of the R- delayed matters some but tonight she is nearly where I want her, + the dogs + the bacon + hash from the fores peak have been landed, a total of some 12 tons.
    The main deck has also been washed down.
    The relief from the dogs with their noise filth is great.
    Thank God we have again made good on the first part of the proposition.
    Though we have had no such risks as on the former upward voyage, + have accomplished it in 37 hours less time, the voyage with its early promise of speedy navigations, + its subsequent exasperating delays, has seemed longer + been more wearing.
    Since the 23rd when we ended our splendid run from C. Hawkes, neither Bartlett nor myself have had our clothes  off.
    Although as we arrived the strong s-ly breeze ceased + with the flood tide the water closed up.
    The ice is very heavy but about here more broken than 3 years ago. There is one huge floe which reaches nearly from here to Rawson, with great hummocks on it, + there are several large ones off C. Belknap.


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