Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We managed to get along

Turned out at 6.30 A.M. and found a fresh southerly breeze blowing. It has already opened the water to the south of us. The Captain + I had breakfast at once and he then proceeded to get out of our little nest among the grounded pieces. The rubble ice had frozen together around us and it took over a half hour to get the Roosevelt out. We steamed around a bit and then came back again to await the action of the wind on several of the tides. The tide is running out this morning. (10.30 A.M.) About 5 oclock this evening should be our next chance. Three years ago tomorrow morning (7 A.M.) we reached Cape Sheridan. We may still beat that by a few hours. Spent the afternoon in working about the ship. Right after supper the Captain got under way again + by running close to the land + in between pans we managed to get along. We rounded Black Cape + could see out way clear nearly up to Rawson. The ice was moving as we passed along. We had to back out of one narrow place while the pans shifted. Roosevelt did not mind her helm well in the wind + the tide. The ice was closing in before we reached Rawson + we came up against the solid ice. We began to drift southward so ran in behind a giant piece to await the turn of the tide. Com. went ashore + got two hare, 10 ½, 9 ½ lbs. respectively.


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