Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Ice very quiet

The ice very quiet all night + no water forming with the flood tide as usually it has.
    Before breakfast Ootah + Alitah returned with the sledge + dogs, reporting the going too rough for even a light sledge, in the absence of snow.
    Ooblooyah + Oo-ke-yah remained out for a further scout.
    A little air from the S.W. in morning cleared away the fog. Ice very quiet. About 6. – P.M. barometer appears to have reached bottom of its curve. Wind freshening a little from S.W. but by no means steady. Some water forming.
    Ooblooyah + Oo-ke-yah returned in afternoon, with 3 hare. They report a bear track up the bay + number of hare beyond the little lake, but very wild.
    MacMillan under the weather today, cold chill or something of the kind.

 Donald MacMillan ran a fever and was confined to bed for several weeks.

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