Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A southerly wind is our only salvation


Was wide awake when this day began. Had a visit of nearly an hour with my little child friend Evaloo. She is lonesome at times and seems rather discontented with her lot on shipboard, a place which many an older one would envy. About two oclock I recalled that I had a note dated Sept. 1st so I hastened to open it. It was a telephone call as usual (23x) I looked up at my watch and the hour hand was at 2 and the minute hand at 3. The x stands for the unknown I suppose. Turned in about 3 oclock, breakfast at seven and then a nap until nearly ten. Now I am writing a little as the room is quiet, all hands asleep again. Captain, MacMillan and Borup returned before breakfast. The Captain said something about his harem-scarem trip so I did not question him further as he did not appear in good spirits over the results of his trip. After dinner started a woman on a new pair of boots for the Dr. as the first pair are too small. Spent most of the afternoon in visiting and playing with the Eskimos. Aleta, Ootah, Oobluyah + Ossqeeyah left for Lake Hazen to remain until sent for after we got to winter quarters. Soon after supper time it became real misty (a real light colored mist) and so the Captain gladly gave up his trip to the hill tops. He feels the same as I do, that a southerly wind is our only salvation, and there is still time left for that.


Pictured above:
Greenland, Evaloo, 1908-1909, ID: 3000.37.65.

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