Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Getting pushed and mauled

We are here yet getting pushed and mauled around by the ice. Got pushed ashore about 4 oclock this morning and are 4 feet out of water. And while eating dinner a peice broke off from an iceberg and fell alongside and they began to hollow [holler] all hands on deck. It is thick fog now and can’t see very far but as far as we can see the ice is very heavy. We have run a line to a heavy piece [sic] outside of us and are working the Engine and all the deck engines, and making a tow boat of the heavy piece trying to get her off the beach so we can get somewhere out of this for our protector outside has all crumbled to peices the same one hit us this morning and drove us onshore. If we couldnt of moved when that struck it would [have] gone through the ship, abreast my room. We had eider duck today for dinner.


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