Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Had a codfish dinner

The ice just started again since dinner and we got pumps and engine going but it soon quieted down. It pushed the large floes that are outside of us in a little ways, it is all right if they dont come in any farther. It was pretty cold last night. There was a couple of inches of frost fell. The sun is shining today the first time for a couple of days. But the wind is the same No. East and holds the ice against us and onto the land. Marvin told me we had 50 Eskimos in all 22 men 15 women & 13 children, not as many as we had last time, and I think it better. The port wheelrope is broken and they are putting in a peice of chain today. We had a codfish dinner today as it is Friday. I dont think the salt Cod from N.L.F.D. is anything extra. The Cook says it isnt the kind the Capt. bought. If not I dont think people have much feeling for the kind of stuff they put onboard of a ship coming to the country. I suppose anything to get rid of the old stuff.


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