Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

It runs like a mill race

Another dragging day. A strong, raw northeast wind blowing steadily + with increasing violence. On the ebb tide the ice in the Channel remains stationary, on the flood it runs like a mill race.
    The edge of the current is only a few yards from us + we are fairly well protected by grounded pieces outside of us, but every once in a while a big floe comes rushing past crowding everything out of its way + gives our protectors a shove that sets them nearer the shore crowding us in as well, or perhaps breaks a huge piece off. However I have no reason to complain, our position is the best anywhere in the neighborhood, + at worst we can but be forced high + dry on the shore. We are about ¾ mile south of our old place at Shelter River.
    The delay is being utilized in work which last time we did after we got to Sheridan + so the time is not entirely wasted. Sledges + harnesses are nearly completed, tents, cookers, + clothing are being pushed along + we shall have little but hunting + sledging to do after we arrive.


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