Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The ice was closing in on us

It was hardly midnight before the Captain was called out by the mate as the ice was closing in on us again and the same time running north rapidly against the northerly wind. A heavy sheet partly broke around outside of us and continued northward leaving a pond in its wake. From 2 to 3 we steamed about in this pond looking for the safest place but returned to our old position. At 8 A.M. the northerly wind is still blowing, temp. in the 20’s and the sun trying to come out and clear up things. Turned out about 4 A.M. and put on my clothes but then took a nap until 7 A.M. Spent the morning in laying out a pattern for a pair of canvass tops to be sewed on the soft tanned soles of the moccasins the Com. brought along. During the afternoon we landed about a dozen cases of provisions here on the side hill abreast the ship. Tonight is a new moon so we are having the strongest tides this week. Before evening I started a woman sewing up one of my canvass leg boots I think I can get something serviceable after a little while. The Com. seems to have me take charge of all the work for the Eskimo women. Has a tent sewed up for him and am going to put a floor in it for him.


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