Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Clothing is the most essential thing

No change in the weather during the night, expecting a little snow fall 4 P.M., no change in ice conditions, very little drift inshore + south, making about S.W. true. Spent the day in cleaning up odds and ends and in keeping the women busy sewing. The boys all seems to leave their sewing to me completely and they are making a mistake as the clothing is the most essential thing for each man to look out for himself. I don't like to tell them openly but I have hinted very strongly that they ought to take more interest right from the start. There is a little open water along the shore, but we all hesitate about getting too far in there. Cloudy sky and rather misty over the high peaks ashore. MacMillan is keeping the game list this time and that relieves me from one of my duties last time. He much better fitted to keep a good game list than I was or ever will be probably. Borup has not seemed to receive any special duties as yet but he appears to be about the best crack shotsman in the party. He is willing and anxious to learn however. Rather thick and not much change in the ships position so did not take any sounding this evening. Got under way soon after 9 oclock and about 10 oclock the starboard wheel cable gave way and we had to stop. This seems too much like a repetition of last years troubles. Still repairing the cable at midnight, received a note today, about Arcturus + the Pleides.


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