Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Blocked by ice

Blocked by ice nearly all night. This morning tied to a pan and put aboard fresh water. Have been working on boats all day, equipping them for a squeeze, fitting in following articles:
1 set oars, 2 boat hooks, row locks, 1 bailer, liquid compass, oil stove, 4 one gallon tins of oil (plain oil) (1 one gallon tin of oil, patent nozzle), 1 spring filled rifle, 100 cartridges, 1 shot-gun, 50 loaded shells (no. 2 shot), 1 miners tent 7x7, 1 box of matches in tightly corked bottle or screw top tin, 2 tins of biscuit, 12 tins pemmican, 10 tins of milk,  2 tins of sugar, 1 sugar tin of tea, 2 of coffee, Harpoon, line + float.
    Saw the Bosun bird today, the Parasitic Jaeger, or Long Tailed Jaeger.
    Still locked in the ice about 10 miles from land.


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