Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Sabbath Day

Sabbath Day and the crew are not working, the two ships are laying alongside of each other. It is blowing hard from the south and the boats are not running much. Went ashore in the morning and helped the hunters to pick out some pups to take back home with them. Mr. Whitney has finally decided to stay here all winter with the Bos'n's party to hunt walrus, bear and musk oxen. He got permission from the Com. this morning. That makes it much better for all concerned, although he merely remains as a guest of the station. The motherly old woman who sewed for me is going to make his clothes for him. She is an interesting character. She still is wearing the gray shirt I gave her two years ago. I wonder if it will last until we get back again. If it does I think I will give her another. We are taking all three of her sons this time but neither of her daughters, one grandchild by the daughter however. Our party now is 22 men, 16 women, no boys or girls and 11 young children. Considerably less women + children to feed than we had last time. Com. gave me two blue fox skins which I am sending home to mother. Mr. Norton expects to come up in the Erik next summer after Mr. Whitney which means a relief ship sure next summer. I wonder if we will be ready to go back with the pole.


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