Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A gull's paradise


So hot last night that it was impossible to sleep. The Erik arrived yesterday with Commander, some more Esquimaux, dogs, and thirty-three walrus.
    We are busy today transferring coal, supplies, skins, narwhal tusks, walrus meat, etc. to Roosevelt. Hoisting provisions on deck and lashing snow shoes in rigging.
    About 10 o'clock George and I started up the fjord to visit Brother John's Glacier, and to secure some good specimens of hare for the New York Museum. Going up the bed of a river we ascended the height where we succeeded in getting the largest hare obtained since we have arrived in Etah. She weighed 10 lbs. Near here we found the rookery of the Burgomaster Gull one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Towering perpendicular cliffs about fifty yards apart, a natural perch of perpendicular rocks midway, a beautiful waterfall near by - a gulls paradise.
    Coming back we secured one more hare. Arriving at the boat we found that the tide was dead low thirty or forty yards away. After eating our lunch we started up the shores of Alida Lake to see the glacier at its head. Walking up on the terminal moraine we were astounded at the huge cracks in the face of glacier, at the variety of sand, stones, debris brought down by the ice. Going into these we found some most interesting scenery and some exciting climbs. Deciding to go up on the glacier we used our hunting knives to cut steps. Coming down there was nothing to do but which we did, landing in a heap and with a sore tail. A blue fox watched the performance from the edge of the ice.
    When rowing past the tupiks at the Auk cliffs an Esquimaux woman stuck her head out of a tupik and yelled "Ah gi so" come here. I went ashore and found she was alone and wanted to the "Oomiak-suck". Loading her and her [unreadable] aboard we arrived at Roosevelt about 11 o'clock.
    Saw three ravens on the trip and listened to their horse cry. These are the Corvus corax principalis.


Pictured above:
Alida Lake, Greenland, Alida Lake and Brother John's Glacier; Team in foreground, 1913-1917, ID: 2006.4.69.

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