Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I don't begrudge him his task

Got a list of supplies from Dr. Cook's man and he wrote a letter to the Com. Spent part of the morning getting the huskies started at a hard days work. Then started the trading with the Eskimos. The Com. gave out supplies to all of his party and then called up the five men here and asked them if they wanted to go and they all said yes but one boy. Spent part of the day chasing up Franke and having him get all his supplies that he wants on the Erik. The Com. says that it will be necessary for some one to go up to Anautok with two boats and the natives to bring down the native supplies up there, and he would probably want me. He wants the Bos'n to stay here and take Franke's place and also watch some supplies of our. "Just before supper I went ashore with Franke and inspected the supplies that are left here, there is not much left here however." After supper the Com. decided that he could spare the Captain easier than he could me so he is sending the Captain to Anautok. He is taking two boats and eleven natives, they will be gone several days. I had to make out a list of things to be brought back. Franke got his picture taken and then had a hair cut and shave and put on civilized clothes again. He does not look like the same man now. He is 30 year old but he looked 40 in the native garb. It was nearly midnight when the Captain got away + within 15 minutes it was snowing. I don't begrudge him his task.


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