Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I don't like the smell

The wind has blown pretty hard today and couldnt get any water for our boiler. It is clear and cold only 34º above this morning. The Erik came in at 4. oclock this afternoon. They had 33 walrus and 8 Deer 2 seal. They are at work now getting the walrus meat onboard of us, and I expect we will take coal tomorrow, and the whale meat, I dont like the smell of that very well it has been kept to long without salt, but can't salt it on account of it killing the dogs, but I think there was saltpeter in the last whale meat we had that made it kill so many dogs. The Erik brought another large lot of dogs and some more Eskimos. Dr. Cooks man has been onboard today and yesterday also. He is a German hasn't heard anything from Dr. Cook yet. They think he is over on Ellsmere land yet and only has a small canvas boat. The Sound is full of ice from a little ways above here to as far as one can see, the north wind is driving the ice down now. The wind has been southerly about all summer.


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