Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Dr. Cook's man

Turned in about 2.30 after clearing up considerable of my correspondence. About 5 A.M. Dr. Cook's man with his two Huskies (boys) arrived from Ominui. The Captain and I were both asleep. He came and aboard and Charley Percy gave him such a cold reception that he went ashore again disgusted. Charley acted on his own responsibility I guess. Turned out for my morning work and for breakfast and then layed down to sleep again until dinner time. The Captain started overland for Cairn Point soon after dinner but as it was foggy after he reached the high hill tops he decided to postpone his trip until it was clear and he and Inighito returned to the vessel....They reached the vessel soon after supper time and the poor fellow was in a bad way. He had been living on beans for over a month during his boat trip. He has a sore leg and can hardly walk. He don't [sic] get along well with the Huskies either. He says Dr. Cook told him to go home on a whaler this summer if he (Dr. Cook) did not get back. He says perhaps Dr. Cook went down the east coast of Greenland which is well nigh impossible. Gave him a bath in our room and a good warm supper. The Dr. treated his leg and we gave him a drink of whisky. I stayed around with him until after midnight and then he went ashore to sleep.

 Rudolphe Franke: Franke was Dr. Frederick Cook's assistant on Cook's 1908 arctic expedition, and was living in Northwest Greenland when he met Peary crew members. The Peary Expediton members were suspicious and concerned about Dr. Cook's intentions, which is reflected in their hostile treatment of Franke. 

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