Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Cold rain with lots of fog

We arrived here last night about 8 oclock. Got 9 walrus on our way up from No. Star bay, all the dogs have been put onshore on a little island in the Harbor. We are having a cold rain with lots of fog today. The Carpenter went ashore last night and got 8 hare and the Dr. went ashore today and got 8 more. We had little auks this morning for breakfast and dinner also, expect to have for supper. I saw the cook getting them ready. The Eskimos brought the little auk onboard. We eat from 4 to 6 each so it takes quite a number to go around. I have seen some of the Eskimos we had last trip. Have a few onboard will have some new ones, as those are scattered all around and we wont be able to spend the time to go around looking for them.


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