Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The sun shines bright

Returned to No. Star bay last night at 4. oclock without getting a shot at a walrus from either ship, expect to leave here again this afternoon and try to get some Walrus on our way up to Etah, and the other ship will go up into Englefield gulf for a week or so to try and get a few walrus and seal ducks etc. It is quite fine here today the wind is cold but the sun shines bright and did all night. There are quite a number of large icebergs drifting down the sound. We have a large number of dogs on now I dont know how many but would say 150 and lots of Eskimos, a number of them are only going a little ways. They like to move and this is an easy way for them and they get plenty to eat at the same time. The Dr. and one of the secretaries have gone ashore gunning today, and the mates sailors and Eskimos are taking the provisions from the hold  getting ready to coal when we get in Etah.


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