Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Fresh duck and loon for dinner

Rose as usual before seven oclock and after breakfast got busy getting ready for the walrus hunt as we were already under way. Got all the gear into one of the whale-boats, the Captain taking another one, Matt has gone aboard the Erik to help the hunters there. Fussed around all the morning looking around Wostenholm Sound. Bright sunshine but a cool northerly breeze and no ice pans for the walrus to sun on so we failed to even see any walrus, the Erik saw four but did not get any of them. The motor boat got one yesterday and we hoisted it on board this morning from one of the islands. This afternoon we started back and I got a nap for a few hours in preparation for writing again this evening. Made out a list of all the men in the tribe and the settlement where they are as near as we can find out. Sent several boat loads of trading stuff to the Erik this evening. We are both going walrus hunting near Northumberland Island tomorrow, then the Roosevelt goes to Etah + the Erik with Com. on board goes to the remaining settlements. He has not told me yet whether I am to go on the Erik or stay on the Roosevelt, I suppose it will be go on the Erik again. Had some fresh duck and loon for dinner. Wrote several letters and turned in a little before midnight.


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