Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Staightening out the matter of post-cards

A moderate fog came on soon after mid-night and if anything is thicker today. We are steaming along rather slowly, directly North and are near enough that we could see the Greenland Coast if it were not for the fog. Today is Sunday and so I don't expect to have much work to do. Last time I was busy every Sunday for several month's going North. Spent most of the morning in straightening out the matter of post-cards, and I think I addressed fully one hundred before I finally finished. I don't believe I have forgotten many of my friends. Last trip we had it foggy coming across and clear sailing up the Greenland Coast, this time it is just the opposite. Made out a list of things I want mother to do for me but have not yet gotten down to writing letters. Have finished up the early part of my diary and expect to write every day now. The Captain and I spent many odd minutes each day in relating our experiences since our last trip. We have considerable head wind and a little sea this afternoon. I just begin to feel rested up + to feel like doing a full days work each day. Life on the water is the life for me.


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