Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Smooth sea + no roll

Out and around before breakfast this morning. The beginning of a lovely day. Did a little work in our room, then opened a case of mine to dry out on the deck house. They had been rained on. A lovely clear day, smooth sea + no roll so that they could be spread out. Later rigged up a shelf in the Commander's room to hold the barograph. This took my time until after dinner. The Erik astern of us most of the day. We seem to keep pretty well together however. Patched up a chart for the Captain and helped him on his navigation some. MacMillan + Borup keep busy restoring the Commander's outfit and that gives me much more time than last trip. I am much slower in getting settled however as I was late getting on in Sydney + rooming with the Captain also makes a difference. Soon after supper it became cloudy and by 8 oclock it was raining but only for a few moments. The dark overcast sky means another night but there will not be many more of them now for several months. We do not expect to stop until we reach Cape York.


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