Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Waist awash nearly all day

Moon rose about midnight light very early. wind still continues veering east a little. Steamed nearly due N- all night. Rolling a bit this forenoon in strong tide rift at Cabot Strait.
    Brilliant sunshine, clouding later, with southeast wind + rain.
    Pass C. Anguille in forenoon. Pass Lion (?) Island + C. St. George middle of afternoon. Wind off shore + fresh. Set fore staysail, jib + main topmast staysail. Raining quite hard by evening. Running about 10K. Last time we passed C. St. George we were having a hard time.
    Foreyard slung, ready to bend lug sail. Carpenter begins work on crushed boat.
    Waist awash nearly all day. Clearing decks + lashing cargo. With no letters or telegrams to receive or send am somewhat at a loss. Looking over miscellaneous gifts (bibles, cards, liquors, etc.) stowing my room, trying new music.


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