Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A man from Maine...


Left Hemstead bay at 8 oclock for Oyster bay. Got there at eleven.The President came onboard at 3.20 shook hands with everyone onboard.Mr. Bridgeman and the Commander both introduced me to him as a man fromMaine. He said he was very pleased to meet a man from Maine. He saidhunting the North Pole was good business said he would like to go alongtoo. We left there at 4. P.M. and at 7.30 the air pump broke and weworked all night and got under way about 8 this morning. She is goingfine now.

Pictured above:
Oyster Bay, NY, President Roosevelt meeting crew of Roosevelt [Bartlett at Roosevelt's left], July 7. 1980, ID: 3000.32.1121.

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