Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Last minute addition

Arrived in the city on the morning of the 2nd and went aboard the Roosevelt where I soon found the skipper. I learned that the party was now complete but that the Commander was in the city and so I went to see him. Got an appointment for three P.M. and came back to the Roosevelt to look her over a little. Saw the Commander at three and learned that had tried to locate me but had given up and secured another man in my place. He seemed pleased to see me and glad to know that I was willing to go again. Three years ago I saw him on July 3rd and he said to me "Mr. Marvin, in what way do you think you could be of value to this expedition." This time I saw him on July 2nd, three years later, and he said "Marvin this expedition needs you and we have got to find a place for you." He was very busy and wanted to see me when he had more time to think and talk and so I told him I would come again in the evening. Went over to Brooklyn + back and then had a chat with the Com. for over an hour in his room. Everything is lovely.


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