Exciting Finds

Listen to this audio post [mp3]: 07-07-2009

In this week's report, Allison describes some of the wildlife they have seen, a change in the weather, and some of the exciting finds the team has made. As always with satellite phones, the sound quality is variable. Early on, Alison sounds garbled, but the quality improves, so keep listening!

In other news, Christyann and John Darwent have reported some delays in the arrival of the two final members of the team, Hans Lange and Hans-Kristian Lennart. The two were scheduled to fly to Thule from southern Greenland on Monday, only to be turned back by 76 knot winds - thats over 80 miles per hour. Subsequently they flew from Kangerlussuaq (formerly Sondrestrom Fjord) to Copenhagen, where they were scheduled to try again to reach Thule. Stay tuned to see if they made it!

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