Boots, drills, and more

Listen to this audio post [mp3]: 07-23-2009

After a brief delay, Alison is back with a new entry, in which she describes the work that has been keeping them busy, including many exciting finds, and talks about the many challenges of Arctic research.

In other news, Hans Lange and Hans-Kristian Lennart finally arrived from southern Greenland after a detour through Copenhagen. With their arrival, the them split into two, with Chris, Fred, Alison and Erika staying to continue the work at Paris Fjord, while John, Jeremy and the two Hans’ setting up a new camp in Glacier Bay, a little ways to the south and east. There they are excavating a possibly early Thule winter house and completing the survey. John reports that work is going well. Thanks to the excellent weather, and the first ice-free conditions we have experienced in the area, they have been able to survey along the coast by inflatable boat (we have had a boat with us most years, but have been prevented from using it by ice conditions). Excavations in the house are also going well, although complicated by the recent discovery that the Thule people who built it positioned it directly on top of an earlier Late Dorset tent ring – not uncommon, but it will make dating the occupation of the house a challenge in this area, where there is considerable overlap in dates from Thule and Late Dorset sites.

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