Camp is established


Listen to this audio post [mp3]: 06-30-2009

The ILAP crew arrived at the Thule Air Base on June 18, where they had a day to prepare all the field gear that had been shipped up in the spring. On the 20th they flew by helicopter from the Air Base first to Qaanaaq to refuel, and then on to a second refueling stop at the Hiawatha Glacier. Unfortunately they encountered fog and snow on the way, and were forced to turn back. The next opportunity to fly north would not be until the 23rd. This gave them the opportunity to participate in celebrations of Greenland's National Day on June 21 - an historic occassion as it marked the beginning of a new, expanded home-rule agreement between Greenland and Denmark. Luckily, by the 23rd, the weather had improved and the crew made it all the way to Paris Fjord, where they established camp in the same location as the 2005 survey camp.

Blog posts have been delayed by technical difficulties on this end, but now things are working well. In Alison's first post she introduces the crew, and describes the early stages of the excavation.

Pictured above:
Paris Fjord, NW Greenland, View of Paris Fjord camp, 2005, July 5, 2005, Inglefield Land Archaeology ProjectGenevieve LeMoine, ID: jl5.g15.jpgView of Paris Fjord camp, 2005

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