Paris Fjord, Greenland

Leaving Cape Grinnell

Listen to this audio post [mp3]: 08-04-2008

In what is probably the final audio post from Cape Grinnell, Eli describes the team's last weekend in Northwest Greenland, which included back-filling the archaeological site and being visited by an arctic wolf. Eli takes this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in the project, and express how much he has enjoyed his time in the arctic.

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum would like to thank Robert Denton, Senior Media and Design Consultant, for designing the template for the podcast and orchestrating the means by which it has been possible to post Eli’s phone calls. We also appreciate Eli Bossin’s (Bowdoin class of 2009) efforts to send us news from the field and Hillary Hooke’s (Bowdoin class of 2009) willingness to summarize and post the Cape Grinnell messages. 


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