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Borup Lodge in winter. Donald B. MacMillan, Etah, Greenland, 1914-1917.
A Glimmer on the Polar Sea: The Crocker Land Expedition, 1913-1917
Opening November 14, 2014
Arctic Museum main galleries

In the summer of 1913, Donald B. MacMillan and six other men set off on an expedition to conduct research and exploration in the far north. Marking the 100th anniversary of this major expedition, this exhibit will highlight the results of their extensive fieldwork, and look at the field studies being conducted by contemporary researchers in the same region. Follow our progress as we develop this exhibit on our blog.

<p><b>Elmer Ekblaw in the field, northwest Greenland, 1913-1917. Hand-tinted glass lantern slide.</b> </p>    <em>Crocker Land Expedition, Given in honor of Walter E. Ekblaw, Jr., devoted son.</em>
<p><b>Borup Lodge in winter.</b> </p>   <em>Donald B. MacMillan, Etah, Greenland, 1914-1917.</em>

<p><b>Alex Brown and Annie Streetman work with material from the Ekblaw Collection.</b> </p>   <em>Photograph by Molly Taft.</em>