Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum
Swimming Caribou, Jacob Irkok, Arviat, 2004. Robert and Judith Toll Collection. Photograph by Dean Abramson.
Animal Allies: Inuit Views of the Natural World
April 5, 2012 - August 31, 2014
Arctic Museum main galleries

This exhibit explores the Inuit worldview, based on mutual respect between humans and animals. Through contemporary Inuit carvings and prints, traditional tools and clothing, and filmed interviews with Inuit men and women visitors learn about the behavior of seals, whales, polar bears, caribou, and muskoxen. Highlights of the exhibit include natural history specimens such as  a massive and iconic mounted polar bear and a narwhal tusk to hold, rare ethnographic pieces such as a parka made from seal intestine, and many beautiful examples of contemporary Inuit art depicting animals.

<p><b>Walrus Shaman, Ron “Qay” Apangalook, Anchorage, ca. 2009.</b> </p>    <em>Museum purchase. Photograph by Dean Abramson.</em>
<p><b>Flying Bird, unidentified Inuit artist, Igloolik, ca. 1971.</b> </p>  <em>Museum purchase. Photograph by Dean Abramson.</em>